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Introducing InteliEQ, powerful all-in-one solution that achieve smarter, healthier, and more energy efficient buildings.

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Good Health
& Wellbeing

With 90% of our time spent indoors, InteliEQ aims to help people understand the source of indoor air pollution and to take action to reduce their exposure.

The InteliEQ Way

Deploying intelligence & leveraging data to deliver smart, healthy sustainable environments.

Human Centric

InteliEQ’s platform allows you to fully leverage your buildings data to create a healthy, comfortable indoor environment for your building occupants, delivering a human centric approach to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


InteliEQ provides a holistic solution that allows business owners and facilities managers the ability to achieve operational excellence along with energy efficiency. This solution employs our advanced platform that is designed to connect not only modern sensors, but legacy building management systems, as well.

Tailor Made

InteliEQ’s platform takes the data from your facility and delivers it in a customized way to meet Facilities Managers needs to measure the operational efficiency and ensure the air your employees and visitors breathe is free of harmful pathogens and airborne particulates.


With our products, we work to create sustainable communities by making buildings smart and more efficient, for both the health of the occupants and the planet.

The i365+ Platform


To any market: Air Purification + Heating + Ventilation + Refrigeration + Lighting + Water


Translating building data into actionable knowhow


Multi-Building, Multi-Site, Multi-Application Unlimited sensors

The platform

i365+ 24/7/365 Protection

Leveraging data intelligence to deliver a proactive, preventative, predictive solution to unhealthy indoor air and overall energy consumption

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Balancing Health and Energy Efficiency in Any Environment

With our products, we work to create sustainable communities by making buildings smart and more efficient, for both health of the occupants and the planet.


Good health and wellbeing. Our air quality insights reduce exposure to harmful pollutants that can delay the healing process.


Empowering individuals and organizations with technical solutions to improve indoor air quality and health in educational facilities.


InteliEQ devices can help businesses identify energy-savings opportunities by making buildings smart and more efficient.

Measuring what matters: A Preventive, Predictive and Proactive approach to IAQ.

InteliEQ’s SensorPure Series sensors can be configured, customized, and expanded to monitor impurities as well as air purification system operation in order to maintain optimal indoor environments by providing real-time insights into indoor air quality.






Air Flow





InteliEQ’s Smart Healthy Building Solution

Promoting healthy living by balancing health and energy efficiency in any environment utilizing best-in-class sensors, purification technology, monitoring + controls, AI and the Internet of Things (IOT).


Our air quality insights enable good health and wellbeing. InteliEQ recognizes that indoor air pollution is a major contributor to the global burden of disease and that reducing exposure to harmful pollutants is crucial to improving public health.


Our dashboard provides customers with the insights they need to make data-driven decisions to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing their energy consumption.


Acting on InteliEQ data can help organizations optimize heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) so you are only using the energy your facility needs to, helping manage the building based on air quality – leading to energy savings through detection of unnecessary heating and cooling.

Let us help your organization achieve wellness and sustainability certifications with data delivered 24/7/365.