Simple & Easy Smart Building

What is Your Building Telling You? Are You Listening?

Connect all your systems to one platform

Building systems and connected infrastructure are increasingly expanding the information that Building Owners and Managers can use to efficiently run and provide safe environments for the occupants of their Buildings. The question is are you listening? Can you access all of the data from all of these systems and devices? Can you make good decisions to ensure the safety and efficiency of your buildings?

Platform Integration

The Platform is designed to integrate all of your systems into one platform and provide a single Dashboard to aggregate the actionable data that you need to provide a safe and efficient environment in your building or portfolio of buildings.  The IoT Right platform is designed as an open environment to work with the latest IoT sensors and to integrate your legacy building systems and sensors.

Leverage the existing techonolgy in your current building and more fully monitor, access, and understand your data. Contact us to schedule a demo and talk more about your specific smart buildings needs and underlying capability.

We are partnering with building owners and managers

IntelAQ’s Smart Building solutions are tailored to your business. We are partnering with building owners and facilities managers to develop IoT solutions that provide actionable data for not only the efficient management of your building but occupant centric solutions to provide a safe and secure environment to work in.