Our Mission:


We empower technology, businesses, decisions & people.

We provide open, secure and easy to use end-to-end IoT solutions to fit any IoT vertical market.  Whether hosted on premise, our cloud or the public cloud, we are built from the ground up with the ability to interface with any sensor, network or cloud, providing the actionable intelligence our customers need to maximize their business. IoT RightⓇ integrates any legacy system into your platform which allows you to work at the edge, in the cloud or on premise with a consistent and repeatable methodology to be leveraged across all IoT solutions.

Meet the Team

How we got our start

The IntelAQ story begins with a very successful New York based engineering and manufacturing company, Unimar.  Founded in 1989, Unimar is recognized today as a global leader in obstruction lighting and their IoT monitoring solution that ensures their lighting is operational 24/7/365 days a year; per FAA requirements.

An Integrated Solution

As COVID emerged, Mike Marley and his team thought they could leverage their IoT monitoring technology to make an impact by developing an integrated solution that relies on air purification, monitoring, control, data analytics and AI to optimize all aspects to deliver Smart, Healthy, Energy Efficient buildings. In 2019 IntelAQ was launched, developing an intelligent IoT Platform that is designed to connect IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and building operation sensors into one software application allowing for a single point of monitoring and intelligence for a truly human centric approach to IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality).

Better Environmental Performance

We care about how our built environment is affecting our everyday lives and the planet. What we do today will ensure a more sustainable future. We are driving technology to push ourselves, partners, solutions, and customers toward better environmental performance – but first and foremost it is about enabling a better quality of life, a healthier now and future for people and the planet.